GAIA Crunchy Muesli Nutty Delight (400gm)


Delightful mix of healthy multi-grains along with a hearty dash of nuts
Perfect recipe for a wonderful start to the day
Made from rolled oats, wheat and corn flakes and is fortified with the goodness of honey
High on health and low on fat, it is all natural and a good source of fibre

GAIA Crunchy Muesli Nutty Delight (400gm)

Additional information

Weight 400 kg


High Fiber
Low Fat
No Trans Fatty Acids
Loaded with essential nutrients and protein
Helps in Weight Management

Shelf Life – 9 Months

Wheat Flakes [51.85%], Corn Flakes [15.18%], Rolled Oats [14.26%], Invert Sugar Syrup [7.06%], Almond, Green Raisins, Black Raisins, Honey, Liquid Glucose, Honey Powder, Antioxidant [E310]

Nutritional Value
Energy Value (kcl) 410.9, Total Carbohydrate (g) 78.21, Of which Sugar (Sucrose) (g) 3.40, Dietry Fibre (g) 7.14, Cholestrol NIL, Total Fat (g) 5.21, Saturated Fatty Acid (g) 0.57, Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid (g) 1.52, Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid (g) 3.12, Trans Fatty Acid NIL, Iron (mg) 6.00, Protein (g) 10.54 Note:- Per 100 g (approx)

How to use?
Enjoy it with milk or Yogurt