Druk Garlic Chilly Sauce (200gm)


When it comes to cajoling your kids into eating their food. The perfect food partner is tomato ketchup. Yes, without it any meal or snacks are boring. Can you imagine eating pakodas or noodles without a sauce? Its remarkable flavor comes from the 100% real juicy tomatoes that have gone in making it. So, indulge yourself in the sweetness of this tomato puree, prepared from fresh tomatoes and natural ingredients.
Add some spicy taste to your daily food with these Druk Garlic Chilli Sauces. These Druk Garlic Chilli Sauces along with your daily food are perfect combination to your family.

Druk Garlic Chilly Sauce (200gm)

Additional information

Weight 200 kg

Size:200 Gm
Add some spicy taste to your daily food
Perfect combination to your family.
High quality ingredients
Adds good flavor